Science of Anxiety Resources

Getting generally relevant, but reputable, scientific information can be difficult. Perhaps the best, and up-to-date, are blogs. Some more useful and reliable blogs are as follows – note that a good list of 100 sites to consider is at Feedspot, and the links below originate from this website. I have suggested 3 that I have found most useful, as many of the others are linked to specific journals. Additionally, not everyone finds links via Feedspot works well, therefore, you may find using other routes to access these could be useful.


McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT


Mind Hacks


A Neuroscience Reddit feed with is OK (although it can be sometimes untrustworthy)


Another good source for useful information is the one run by Dr. Sarah Mackay. I used to recommend this, and some articles good. Cover article is dated from 2016, but some of the other links (on 17 pages) can be very informative.


For the most detailed information, and to look at original publications, most abstracts for all peer-reviewed reputable publications are available at PubMed – the link is


The downside of this site is that science is rather ‘messy’, and also can be difficult to determine the relative importance and reliability of single studies. Also, for psychiatry and neuroscience related to this, there can be fairly low levels of research combined with use of techniques that do not make sense to the non-specialist.