Parental Support Resource Tools

Thank you for joining us to learn more about how to deal with your children through this time. Below are several links to resources we discussed to help you continue to learn and grow and take care of your family and yourselves.

Routine Examples:


School websites:


Bring Dance into the home:


How to talk to kids about COVID:


Burn off energy Activities:



Yoga for kids:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation:


Self care:

Coping Tool Box:

Calm Down bottle:




Examples of planned activities with your kids

•  Build a fort

•  Paper Mache:

•  Make gloop:

•  Give your kids cooking/baking lesson

•  Play the floor is lava

•  Make some puppets and create a show

•  Raid your recycle box and get creative with cardboards:

• Get painters tape and make an obstacle course around your house

• Have a dance party

• Blow up some balloons, bat them back and forth, or use fly swatters and bat the balloon around

• Make indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts

• Make play dough:

• Learn how to make origami

• Have a Lego building competition

• Play a board game as a family

• Write letters to friends or family

• Race with eggs on spoons

• Make homemade cards

• Read together

• Work on a puzzle as a family

• Make homemade bubbles:

• Take a virtual field trip as a family:

• Create a race car track with painter’s tape

• Make a sticky spider web (use painter's tape to make a web design on a doorway opening, give your kids scrunch up newspaper to throw at web)

• Pillowcase race (on hardwood or tiled floor, sit on a pillowcase or t-shirt and use your arms and legs to scoot around a “race” course

• Create a streamer hallway maze – think of a scene from a spy movie where the spy is moving through a maze of lasers. Buy crepe paper from the dollar store and stream them up in a hallway with tape. Put them high, really low, and everywhere in between)

• Salt painting:

• Make cloud dough

• Make marshmallow shooters:

• Make potato stamps:

• Make macaroni necklaces

• Make collages

• Build a house of cards

For Toddlers

• Paint with water

• Make sensory bins:

• Make a car ramp out of cardboard

• Ladle lift (you use a small strainer to scoop up toys out of water into another container)

• Paint with pudding

• Laundry hamper fishing – your kid sits in the hamper with a set of tongs and tries to pick of fish or any toy with their tongs)

• Make edible magic sand:

• Paper tunnels and balls- tape paper tunnels to the floor and get ready to roll, also could use cars

• Paint in the bath tub

• Taste safe paint- you’ll need- ¼ cup of salt, ½ cup flour, ½ cup of water and food coloring- mix flour and salt in a bowl, add a few drops of food coloring to the water. Pour into flour mixture. Whip well till clumps are gone. Store in fridge up to 6 months